Foreign businesses are targeting Danish guitar and bass players best by participating as an exhibitor at Guitar Show Denmark.

Exhibitors can take advantage of the Free promotion the show performs on social media. When registered as exhibitor this is a free service.


Imports, manufacturing and others

  • A strong profile in the music industry
  • With less music stores and show rooms guitar shows are increasingly important.
  • Talk to the end users
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As a participant at Guitar Show Denmark, you create awareness of your products and your company. You raise your profile in the music industry.

You can promote products and services to more than two thousand dedicated guitarists/bassists - end users and potential customers in the future.
Your target group will meet at the fair - therefore you should of course also be there.

The ongoing changes in the music business continually reduce the number of music shops = showrooms to present your products to the end-users. No web-site/shop will ever equal hands-on and testing equipment in real life. 


Music shops, accessories, publishers, studios and others.

  • Create additional turnover
  • Make your business well known in Denmark
  • Capitalize dead stock
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When was the last time you had 2,000 customers in your store in a single weekend?

Turnover at the fair has been increasing for several years and in 2019 it increased significantly, by more than 20% compared to 2018.

At the 2019 fair, over 60% of visitors made purchases they would not have done otherwise, according to a survey.

HOT TIP – Clean up your inventory – make great exhibition offers. It's a mega-hit among guests, and several exhibitors capitalize dead stock that way every year.

Online sales are exploding these years - so it's more and more important that people know your shop - not just in your local area.
If you participate in the fair, your business will be known by many more people.


Luthiers, custom-built amplifiers, pedals, etc.

  • Get the deals with customers ready for something special
  • Talk to potential customers and learn about their demands
  • Personal relationship benefits future sales.
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Visitors to the fair will be keen to see, try and buy your stuff. In the rest of Europe, hand-built instruments have been selling well for a number of years now. But now - later than the rest of Europe - Danish guitarists and bassists are finally ready to buy something other than mass-produced instruments and equipment.

In the "Custommade nichén", it is particularly important for the customer to be able to see, touch and try on. No amount of pretty pictures on the internet can ever replace that. Few people dare to buy the 'cat in the bag'. It's a lot of money, and being able to look people in the eye creates trust.
At the fair, thousands of people will pass by your stand over the course of a weekend. Therefore, Copenhagen Guitar Show is the perfect place to present your instruments and your instrument building skills.
The same applies if you make pedals or other equipment.

For repair shops - the show is the perfect place to get in touch with new customers. Personal relationship often determines who a musician leaves his precious instruments with when they need a skilled repairman's hands. At the show, you can display your craft. Active workshops are a hit.


Collectors and others

  • Allow the audience to see what you have to offer.
  • Enjoy a great weekend with fellow guitar nerds
  • Join the community and expand your network.
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Whatever your interest in guitars, basses, amplifiers, or other equipment - you are welcome as an exhibitor at Guitar Show Denmark.
If you are a collector - show what you have and share your passion with others. At the fair you will meet like-minded people and make new friends. If you're geeking out with a guitar-related hobby project, then come on out. Maybe you've got something!
Private exhibitors who have turned their hobby into a business we have seen several times.

Since 2005 the show has been an independent platform for the music business. A unique exhibition experience is provided by the participation of importers, shops, instrument builders, repairers, and private exhibitors under one roof.

80% of the visitors does not attend other guitar shows. This makes exhibiting at Guitar Show Denmark a no-brainer.