Saturday at 11:00 am


Mads Skov Hansen - singer, drummer and percussionist.
Toke Lynggaard Larsen - guitarist.
Mathias Bøttern - guitarist.
Frederik Bak - bassist.

PATINA - Clinic at Guitar Show Denmark - Saturday at 11am

In this masterclass, Toke, Bøttern, Frederik and Mads from PATINA will talk about the roles and sounds in PATINA's music. The starting point is the role and sound of the guitars and bass. The live equipment will be demonstrated, and then the guys will talk about how the sounds are achieved in the studio and transferred to live performance.

Saturday at 17:00


A conversation with Jesper Haugaard

Jesper Haugaard

Morten K from the YouTube series Danish Bassists hosts a chat about Jesper Haugaard's career with the bass and some of the gear he uses. Jesper is perhaps best known for his work as a bassist and producer for Kim Larsen & Kjukken, but he has been a sideman in a variety of contexts such as Hush, Chasing Grace, Kick the Kangaroo and he has just started playing bass in Dodo and the Dodos.

Sunday at 11:00 am

Mika Vandborg

Masterclass 45-60 min. 

Jesper Haugaard

At this clinic, Mika will give advice on being a professional musician, songwriter, career and his approach to music, equipment, gear, instruments, inspiration and being a sideman or artist. He will also play a few of the Danish songs. Mika Vandborg has over 30 years of experience as a guitarist, singer, songwriter and sideman. Mika is currently releasing his first Danish-language album DEN DANSKE and in September 2023 the follow-up DEN EVIGE TOER.

Mika has previously released English-language albums with a host of contributors and since 2013 has had the band Electric Guitars with his friend Soren Andersen. His sidemen include Love Shop, Claus Hempler, Gnags, Ida Nielsen (ex. Prince bassist) & Dicte.

Sunday at 15:00

Trick Savage & Will Jones

Double stops and hybrid picking

Trick Savage & Will Jones

Meet two of Nashville's top guitarists, Trick Savage and Will Jones. Trick and Will talk about double stops and hybrid picking and guitar inspiration for songwriting and composition. And of course, they bring their telecasters...